Shorten your shower
Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.
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Resources & Tips

Reduce the Use of Plastic Bags

Around 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide every year.

  • 1 in 200 gets recycled
  • The harming effects of discarded plastic bags are : releases toxins and in the environment; stays in the landfill for hundreds of years and; they get into the food chains and animals ingest the plastics.
  • The fossil fuel needed to make plastic produces pollution and
  • creates global warming emissions.

Enhance Farm Incomes in Poor Rural Areas

Quote from World Bank International Development Association Project

“Five districts in Karnataka, India, were characterized as drought-prone and dominated by rain-fed agriculture around a narrow range of two to five crops. Average annual household income for the one million people who lived in the area was approximately US$222 [less than $1/day]. Groundwater availability was between three and four months. Common lands were deteriorating through poor management. Watershed development was largely delivered through a top-down, non-participatory model, resulting in little social mobilization. Self-help groups were weak and unable to build financial capital.”

Building Gender Equality Schools and Environment

Education is the foundation for equity in the quality of life for all gender. In Africa where HIV/AID are prevalent, orphans particularly girls should be given equal access and opportunity to education and learning about HIV prevention. With a gender friendly environment, orphan girls have a higher probability of successful completion of schooling that will lead to a more productive, healthy and HIV/AID free life.