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Take things that you are not going to wear or use and give it to a charity or someone who will use it.
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Heart the Earth is a non-profit organization based in Hawaii started by Catherine Chan-Halbrendt, Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA.   The objective is to promote and educate about the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources, to support development projects, and to provide simple solutions for making our lives better and greener.

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The vision of Heart the Earth is to learn about and better manage the Earth’s resources, thereby enhancing its quality and functionality for all generations. We notice patterns of expletive and wasteful consumption, instilling in us a desire to develop more environmentally friendly and natural products in order to reduce the harmful effects of wasteful and expletive consumption. We notice patterns of social injustice in developing countries, instilling in us a desire to empower the people who are marginalized with opportunities through education and skills training.


Heart the Earth now has all Natural products available such as face masks and soaps.

Remember ALL donations and product proceeds of Heart the Earth Inc. go to the advancement of its objective through educational programs, economic and agricultural development, and other projects that foster heart the earth’s purpose. Contact us for more details!

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